Big Data in the Nordics 2012

A survey about increasing data volumes and Big Data analysis among private and governmental organizations in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

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  • Hardy Nelson

    Unexplored Big Data Potential
    in the Nordics

    Big Data has rapidly become one of the most discussed trends within the IT industry, with its common definitions of volume, velocity and variety. The benefits of being able to manage the constantly variable and exploding data volumes are vast.

  • Unstructured data analysis is important

    “Unstructured data analysis is important”

    Variable data from for example support web sites, as well as other digital sources, should be analyzed as well, not only static data in the databases.

  • Big Data Priorities

    Big Data Priorities

    More than two thirds of the respondents prioritize the issue of increasing data volumes. 40 percent see it as a very prioritized issue, a clear indication that Nordic organizations are aware of the challenges.